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To help you make better-informed decisions, we have complied important information design for quick access.  Should you not find what you are looking for today or you would like help with a custom request.  

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Digital Foundation Support

Using The Internet To Leverage Business Growth

Implementing customized software can make your business easy to manage. Cloud-based software can provide important analytics in real-time allowing your team to optimize by helping meet and exceed any goals. By seamlessly implementing techniques such as custom apps, detailed CRM, and a lead generation system we can carefully manage risks and create concrete achievable goals. Feel free to schedule your complimentary strategy session today if you want more information.
Streamlined Automations Support

Increase Focus By Eliminating Daunting Tasks

We work closely with businesses to help eliminate daunting task the team is subject to perform. This task are in place to benefit the business but drain time from the team. Instead of focusing on the process we help teams focus on their performance. We do this by automating much of the tasks that are vital for businesses to grow. 

Team Building Support

Automate To Improve Productivity

Using technology to increase productivity is a secret that many huge companies use to create an unfair advantage. Years ago this option was not available for many businesses because of the high cost to get started. Today, same technology is available without the initial costs of development. We work closely with your business to seamlessly implement strategies using technology to increase productivity. It’s now possible to automate tasks that used to take many labor hours. Those same labor hours can now be implemented to increase revenue. Feel free to schedule your complimentary strategy session today if you want more information. 
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Our Services​

System Structure
System Automations
System Structure

Organization's only limit to growth is the foundation its built on. We work with businesses to establish a data capturing powerful system in order to reach next level goals. Book a session with our team to demo a proper online business data system. 

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Business Data is crucial to correctly analyze business performance to optimize online campaigns. By having Data you can eliminate low performing efforts and focus on actions that increase conversions. We can create a custom strategy campaign for your business to see quick results. Book A Strategy Session Today

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System Automations

We closely work with your organization to better understand how specific system automations can help increase the teams productivity. We Do so by automating tasks to eliminate any bottle necked pipeline. Schedule a call with our team for a specialized strategy session.

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Online Empire Clients

How much is it to get started?

We don't have a set price for our services. Each business has a different problem they would like to solve. The process starts with a personalized consultation call. Once the strategy is discussed we are then able to set a price based on the steps needed for the desired outcome.

Are there any contracts?

We do not work on any type of contract. If you choose to leave during a project. Please let us know as soon as possible to address the situation. Our goal is to keep our clients happy even if it means we are not the best fit for your business. 

What if I don't have a team?

We discuss strategies based on your business capability. We will not advise any specific system strategy that will over complicate things. We customize our support to best fit your team. 

What if I just started my business?

During our strategy session, we'll go over your system's current business status. We'll discuss appropriate steps to get started quickly. Eliminating any downtime and decreasing the learning curve. Our system implementation also comes with team training and customized support

What if I don't have a website?

No need to have a website. We can create a performance site for any strategic data campaign you decide to launch. 

How do I get started?

The first thing is to schedule your complimentary development call. We'll use this time to discuss options.

Online Empire Clients

Are there any hidden costs?

Before the start of any project a budget will have to be agreed upon both parties. Clients have a custom portal, any prior or future invoices are displayed and kept current. 

What if I am not happy with the results?

Our goal is for your total satisfaction. We will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your results. 

How quick can I see results?

Based on the scope of the projects, some results are seen immediately. On any project we maintain projected milestones in which progress can be tracked so estimated goals are met. This ensures results. 

Am I obligated to continue doing business?

No, you are not under any contract. If you feel you are not seeing desired results, please let us know so we can make it right. But at any moment you are not in no obligation to business with us.

Who can I speak to about my account?

During the process, you are assigned an account manager. You will have access to your account manager at all times. For whatever reason, you are welcome to contact your account manager. 

Is there any warranty on the services performed?

Yes, During our session please ask us about our warranty. It varies depending on the project.

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Our Rates

Numbers displayed are starting rates. All prices will vary depending on project. .

Back End Website Workflows

Email retargeting, Data tracking, Automated triggers based on actions.

Starting $699
Custom App

Custom App Form With Private Portal For Customers or Employees

Zoho Sites Landing Pages

Action Driven Landing Page, List Building, Product Testing.  

Customized CRM

Linking all outside links, Customer Portal, Custom Triggers, Training.

Per Hour
AI Bot

Automate Customer Conversation,

Total Business Assistance 

Membership Portals

This is a great place to let your visitors know who you are.

Detailed Business Assessment 

We assess the potential opportunities your business fails to take advantage.

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Sales Funnel Pipeline

Customizing A Sales Process Designed To Create Sale

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Data Capture Targeting

Improve Retention And Acquisition 

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Lead Generation Funnel

Creating a Customized campaign

Designed To Drive Leads In. 

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Data Driven Local Targeting

Drive in more local traffic to your business.

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Automation Retargeting

Increase conversions by targeting warm audience.

System Automation

Eliminate labor-intensive tasks, add new ones to increase performance 

Messenger AI Bot

Managing and optimizing service bot.

Starting $599
Website Management 

Analyzing and optimizing website performance

Data Capturing Systems

Online business foundation optimized to increase revenue

Starting $1999
Campaigns Management 

Analyzing and optimizing campaign performance

Starting $199
CRM Management 

Troubleshoot and configuration of system

Starting $399
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