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Our main focus is to partner with companies that want to grow by implementing digital processes and automations through algorithmic and smart data-driven workflows. 

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The Age of Data-Driven Industries

Data can be extremely critical to businesses as it can help define baselines, benchmarks and targets on the path to success. This knowledge results in increased efficiencies and calculated performance due to the processes ability to gather data. Such data can be used to dial in campaigns, goals and expectations to help the business overcome any growth obstacles.


We help businesses with the ability to see a clear future of growth and be able to execute a wining strategy. We are able to do this by Integration of new technologies, including cloud computing, data analytics, smart data-driven workflows, and action-based automation triggers that have provided businesses with an unfair advantage. 

Data Analytics

Data synced with live workflows can generate key point metrics that can be used to help implement strategies configured to help increase efficiencies. For example; Capturing data from first point of contact to end of the sales cycle can help optimize based on closing ratios by category. Such data can further help to personalize customer experience, Inform business decision-making, Streamline operations, Mitigate risk and handle setbacks.


Our team takes inventory of the data available to the business. Based on our findings we can clearly see missing key data points. On processing the data we also highlight bad habits in which are hurting the data quality. With this information we proceed to create a detailed plan to help eliminate roadblocks. 
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Smart Data-Driven Workflows

Being able to have a clear sight into the future the business will want to execute the plan in the most efficient way possible. This is when Smart Data-Driven workflows can provide increased efficiency. Paired with algorithmic processes the business can benefit from measurable growth due on the consistency of the workflow.


We build complex algorithmic process that syncs software together. More than a basic one-to-one sync a business needs to take inconsideration the inconsistent amount of data intake that can cause false data representation. Our advanced processes prevent bad data by filtering the process on a predetermined path based on criteria. 
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Action-Based Automations

 Email marketing has been leading the DIY business owners to create advanced conditional logic campaigns. The same thought process is a necessary strategy to implement internal with in the business processes. Personalizing the customer experience based on the historical data allows the business to optimize and performance.


Architecting a process that can grow with the business is our priority. Preventing solutions from just becoming band aids for underlying problems a process able to adjust to growth is needed. 
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Event transportation
​company increased contact points by using smart conditional follow-up emails.

Event Transportation Systems , an event transportation solution, partnered with Online Business Empires to improve the online process efficiency and drive sales- while discovering rich consumer insights along the way. Using data-driven strategies and strategic email sequence across the sales pipeline, the organization was able to stay top-in-mind, helping influence prospect commitments. 

"We are a small company and appreciated having someone to suggest how some of the many ZOHO modules could be used to improve our business processes and data mining, and then execute on those suggestions.."

"Lisa Lanna,  General Manager, Sponsorship Programs"

                                                         - Event Transportation Systems



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