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Advancing Small Business Strategies Using Data-Driven Solutions

Optimizing sales using technology

With Online Business Empires you can acquire new customers and create a stronger connection with the ones you already have. We’ll help you reach the hundreds of millions of people that are ready to buy each day across different properties including your website, social media, email campaigns, search-optimized landing pages, your business app, and at every organic method available to your business. 

Manage performance using a mobile CRM

Make it easier for your business to generate forward momentum by analyzing data in real-time.  This gives you the power to strategies based on feedback that your business is producing.  Avoid costly campaigns by pivoting during crucial points.  Our solutions improve flexibility and put the power back on business owners' hands.    

Solutions for every size business

Whether you're a small, local business, a multi-channel retailer, or a global brand, your growth is our goal.  We seek out strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.  Being able to offer your customers an app to elevate their experience when communicating with your brand can create leverage uncomparable to your competitors.  Stop giving away your customers to 3rd party apps when they can just download your business app giving them an extension of your service. 

Not sure where to begin? We are here to help.

Let's talk about your business, your goals, and your current strategy.  We will then share with you solutions that best suit your needs.



China Stickxx
​increased revenue by 33% with a data-driven campaign

China Stixx, a Houstonian Asian cuisine restaurant, partnered with Online Business Empires to Improve online brand visibility and drive sales- while discovering rich consumer insights along the way. Using online campaigns and strategic brand placement across the internet, the restaurant was able to stay top-in-mind, helping influence consumer purchases. 

"Setting up brand campaigns via internet paid traffic offered us a way to massively expand coverage in a matter of days with very little resources and extremely high coverage. Completely different approach compared to our old passing out flyers campaigns."

Joseph Nguyen.  Chef and Co. Founder



increase in revenue


over return on ad spend

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