The Truth About ClickFunnels: A Review for Small Business Owners

Jharry Guevara
02.01.23 12:52 AM Comment(s)

The Truth About ClickFunnels: A Review for Small Business Owners

When I first clicked on the link to ClickFunnels, it took about 5 minutes for me to get inside the software. This was because I had to enter my credit card information and fill out my contact information.

Overall, I found the platform to be very simple and clean, making it easy for beginners to navigate. However, there are also higher level settings that can make it confusing for beginners to set up correctly, while advanced developers may find the options to be too limited.

In terms of features and capabilities, ClickFunnels offers basic, industry-standard tools. However, the more advanced features that would allow for higher level development are lacking. I also had concerns about the location of data storage, as the data is not easily fetchable unless a task is triggered and data is sent.

I found ClickFunnels to be very easy to use, but I don't feel that the cost of the software is justified based on the features it offers. Additionally, I had a hard time finding any customer support for the platform.

In my opinion, the pros of ClickFunnels are only really applicable to those who are part of the ClickFunnels ecosystem. If you follow their techniques and watch their videos, you might enjoy using the software. However, as a business owner, I found that a lot of time and effort was required to understand the software. If that's the case, there are other tools that can do the same thing with a similar learning curve, but at a lower cost. Additionally, if you have more complex ideas that you want to build out with ClickFunnels, you'll likely need to hire a niche developer.

In terms of alternatives, it's not difficult to find other options that may be better suited to your needs. Personally, I would not recommend ClickFunnels to small business owners due to the time and effort required to learn the software. It may be a useful tool for agencies, but it's not a good fit for business owners in my opinion.

One suggestion for ClickFunnels would be to incorporate analytics and a gamified dashboard to help users meet goals. For example, a default dashboard could display the number of funnels launched, the number of domains or emails, and whether dims are set to launch campaigns. This would not only provide data analysis, but also give users a report on how they are using the software.

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